VERBATIM 55330 2.85mm PLA Filament 1KG RED


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PLA is an easy-to-print filament made of renewable plant-based resources. Verbatim PLA is made to a special recipe with high quality controls as standard. It is odourless with good post-printing workability, making it a wonderful all-purpose material for a wide range of applications including concept modelling and education.


High performance Polylactic Acid (PLA) for material extrusion

Biopolymer derived from plants

Good post-printing workability


Main applications: Concept modelling for food packaging, transport containers, medical/hygienic products, housings. Education.


Diameter accuracy:

2.85 ± 0.05 mm

Process temperature:

200-220 °C

Material net weight:

1.00 kg

Gross weight:


Filament length:

126 m

Melt temperature:

168 °C


1.24 g/cm3

Glass transition temperature:

58 °C

Tensile yield:

63 MPa

Tensile elongation:

4 %

Melt Flow Rate (190 °C, 21.2N):

3.0 g/(10 minutes)

Melt Flow Rate (210 °C, 21.2N):

8.1 g/(10 minutes)

Spool Dimensions

Spool diameter:

200 mm

Spool depth:

72 mm

Hub diameter:

102 mm

Hub hole diameter:

51 mm

Recommended Printer Set Up

Extrusion temperature:

210±10 °C

Bed temperature:

60 °C

Printing speed:

30 mm/s

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