VERBATIM 48822 SureFire Harrier 360 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset


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With 7.1 virtual stereo surround sound, RGB lighting and detachable microphone, the SureFire Harrier 360 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset will give you the spatial awareness you need to keep you one step ahead of your opponents.  Whether you are a console gamer or a PC fanatic – the USB headset is universally compatible so you can enjoy amazing sound on any platform.  From fiery explosions to subtle footsteps, everything sounds crisp and balanced.  You’ll be able to pinpoint your enemy’s direction and everything else going on around you to give you the winning edge.  The large, soft leatherette ear pads, adjustable padded headband and lightweight design keep the comfort levels high, even during the most epic gaming marathon.  The on-cable remote control makes stealth mode easy.  The mute, volume and lighting controls are just at your fingertips.  Be heard.  The detachable and flexible boom microphone features high sensitivity and wide frequency response, ensuring accurate voice communications so your team is always in the know.  And when you’re done chatting and just want to listen to your latest playlist, the microphone is fully detachable to be out of your way.  Make your headset stand out as much as your game play.  The Harrier 360 features RGB lighting on the earcups that you can control via the on-cable remote. 


High performance 7.1 virtual surround sound

RGB gradient lighting

For console and PC gaming

High quality sound

Highly sensitive detachable microphone

Super comfortable ear pads

Flexible ear cups

Remote volume control

Compatible with PC’s, laptops and PS4/PS5 games consoles with a USB interface

System Requirements:

USB-A port

Windows 10,8,7

Mac OS X 10.5 or higher


Dimensions L x W x H: 220mm x 155mm x 95mm

Weight: 369 grams

Headphone type: Wired

Headphone Connector: USB

Cable Length: 2m

Colour: Carbon

Audio: 7.1 Virtual Stereo Surround Sound

Lighting: RGB gradient – 3 modes (fixed, colour circle, off)

Surround Sound: Yes

Audio Software: No

Noise Cancelling: No

Headphone Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz

Headphone Sensitivity: 102 +- 3dB

Impedance: 24 Ohms +- 15% at 1 kHz

Headphone Drivers: 50mm

Microphone Type: Removable, Bendable, Omnidirectional

Microphone Impedance: <-2.2 Kohms

Microphone Frequency Response: 100-10k Hz

Microphone Sensitivity: 42 +- 3dB

Earcups: Large, foam over-ear padded earcups

Earcup Diameter: 50mm

Earpad Material: PU leather

Volume Control: On left earcup

Other Controls: Microphone mute

Platforms/Compatibility: PC, laptop, PS4 & PS5 games consoles

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