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Address Data Centre Challenges

Data centre architects face challenging requirements when delivering reliable computing and storage resources at the lowest total cost. Data centre servers require high levels of I/O performance to keep their CPUs fully utilized, and high system density to minimize total cost. The storage systems that supply that I/O performance need to deliver consistent performance and latency to all tenant virtual machines and containers 24/7, 365 days a year.

Flexible Family Portfolio

Samsung's "ninth generation" SATA SSD (PM893) is available in capacities and write endurance levels to meet just about any application. For example, low capacity PM893 SSDs are ideal for high reliability, low power server boot drives. Higher capacity PM893 SSDs are suitable for a variety of mainstream read-intensive applications, such as collaboration platforms, unstructured data storage, content delivery networks (CDN), and hyper-converged infrastructure, such as the capacity tier of a VMware VSAN node.

SATA Interface Saturating Performance

Samsung's PM893 SSDs deliver performance up the maximum allowable for SATA attached drives: up to 560 MB/sec sequential access, and up to 98,000 IOPS for 4 kbyte random read access. Maximum performance not only allows your workloads to complete a quickly as possible, but also allows efficient shared use of high capacity drives, to maximize the performance per gigabyte of data stored.

Hardware Encryption Engine

Samsung's PM893 SSDs keep your private data confidential, with encryption via a hardware based AES-XTS 256-bit encryption engine, and management via the TCG Opal 2.0 standard.

Enterprise Power Loss Protection

Samsung's PM893 SSDs include enterprise power loss protection (PLP). During normal power-off periods, the host server allocates time to preserve data integrity by transmitting a standby command to each device. In the event of an unexpected power loss, though, the cached data in a storage device's internal DRAM buffers can be lost. This can occur with unexpected power outages, or when users unplug devices from the system. However, the Samsung PM893 SSDs have been designed to prevent data loss resulting from unexpected power shutdowns with its PLP architecture. Upon detection of a failure, the SSD immediately uses the stored energy from their PLP capacitors to provide enough time to transfer the cached data in DRAM to the flash memory, ensuring no loss of data.

Capacity: 3.84TB.
Read Speed: Up to 560MB/s.
Write Speed: Up to 530MB/s.
Read IOPS: 98K.
Write IOPS: 31K.

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