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The Prestigio Muze A5 gives you a smartphone as an assistant, smartphone as an accessory, smartphone as a source of inspiration and an instrument for creation These are all the features of the new Prestigio® Muze A5. With productive 1.2GHz Quad Core processor and 1 GB RAM every task is possible to manage in seconds. Its gorgeous appearance and three different colour variations (elegant grey, fabulous gold or stylish blue) allow to stress ones style to look trendy and thanks to outstanding cameras and bright 5 inches HD display, the Muze A5 owner gains all the chances to become a video blogger or an Instagram star. This device is the perfect choice for young trend-conscious people who do not want to compromise between style, productivity and price. If you are going to create content (photos, video, blogs etc.) the screen is one of the most important features of a smartphone. It is also highly important when watching movies, socializing with friends or even reading news or working with documents. The Prestigio® Muze A5 possesses a 5 inches IPS display with HD resolution (720 x 1280) beautiful true-to-life colours will caress your eyes and the wideness of the screen guarantees that you will have more possibilities with your smartphone almost like with a tablet! The Muze A5 is a real camera phone its notable cameras help to open and enhance the new artistic side of you. Create beautiful photos and video with an 8 MP front camera, post them to social networks and gather dozens of likes from your friends. You will fall in love with photo shooting in any case even if you have never thought about being a photographer before. With a 2 MP front camera you can make beautiful selfies or use it for high quality video calls when away from your family and friends. Both cameras are great just start enjoying and you will not be able to stop! For sure, you will need some space to store all the photos taken and videos captured. The Prestigio® Muze A5 features 8 GB of internal storage right from the box. It is quite enough to install all the applications you will need and save files. To ensure that you have the appropriate volume of inner storage just choose the microSD card up to 32 GB and manage the free space of the smartphone the way you like. And do not forget about different cloud storage you can use it is convenient and trendy! When the display is colourful and wide you will definitely want to watch movies online. The same with the cameras if you create content you are able to edit them right on your smartphone. Both tasks need extra resources, and the Muze A5 features all the needed specifications. A Quad core processor and 1 GB RAM guarantee powerful performance and multitasking, so you will be able to do what you want from watching HD movies online to playing resourceful games. Optimization rules the world: with new software technologies, it is always possible to boost hardware. The Android 5.1 that is installed on Prestigio® Muze A5 is the proof. With this much-loved operational system you get 5 boosts for your smartphone at a time: improved productivity, longer battery life, faster all the operations due to intuitive interface, the fresh updates of your favourite applications and the last (but not least) stylish look. Communication is the main source of information and the basis of everything in the 21st century. So if you are modern and money conscious you will always search for more affective ways to communicate. Dual SIM capability in Muze A5 is the best solution! Save money by using different price tariffs for calls and internet surfing, communicate with all your friends no matter what mobile operator they have or use different SIM cards when travelling the local one for all your needs in a trip and your main one to stay in touch with your friends.

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