Pioneer is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has put a great effort into the car A/V products and consumer electronics industry. As its name implies, it continues to innovate to become the industry leader. Therefore, Pioneer was the first company in the world that developed the LaserDisc (LD) in 1980, while making great advancements in the field of entertainment optical disc technology. Its desire for innovation and progress quickly made it a pioneer of the DVD player, Organic Electrical Luminescence (OEL), Plasma TV, and DVD recorder (DVD-RW) technology. Pioneer is also one of the first companies to research and develop the Blu-ray Disc, bringing high-resolution media to your home. 

As a brand with a long history, Pioneer has kept pace with the times. It has been dedicated to developing consumer electronic products in recent years, promising to deliver high-quality products as well as continue improvement. It has provided more comprehensive products and services for its consumers, through its mature production technologies and high-quality management. In 2017, following the trend towards universal connectors used for various consumer electronic devices, Pioneer has officially launched several USB Type-C peripherals, including the Docking Station, Multiport Adapter, external Portable SSD, and so on. It will continuously expand its IT product line-up and launch more related products, including storage devices, cables, etc.

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