CANYON CNS-USBC12W Canyon type C 2 Metre Cable white



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This cable model will allow you to reduce the duration of charging and data transfer to the minimum possible today.  The cable is equipped with an E-mark chip, which delivers additional protection for the charged device, especially in cases when the output current of the power adapter exceeds the requirements.  The PD protocol allows charging smartphones, tablets and laptops.  It ensures continuous data transfer even if the connected devices change roles from receiving a charge to data transmission and vice versa.  The length of 2 meters makes it especially convenient when charging from the mains.  The cable is encased in a strong PVC covering.


  • Connectors USB-C – USB-C
  • PD 100W support
  • Output up to 20V/5A max
  • Smart E-mark chip for added protection
  • Cable length 2m
  • Suited to smartphones and laptops
  • Compatible with Macbook models charged via USB-C


  • Type of Connectors: USB-C cable
  • Protocol support: PD 100W
  • Smart chip model: E-Mark IC
  • American wire gauge (AWG): 28/20 AWG
  • Power and data output: 20V/5A, 100W
  • Compatibility: Smartphones, laptops
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Charging protocol: PD 2.0

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