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Aim button, a useful feature for shooter players who like to move fast on high DPI values.  When you zoom in while sniping, the picture becomes shaky.  In order to shoot sharper, use the aim button to drop the DPI value down to the lowest.

Braid coated cable and ferrite filter suppress high frequency noise and improve signal speed and clarity.  Durable and manoeuvrable, it is an integral part of high quality mouse outfitting.

This highly precise optical sensor offers you a wide sensitivity range from 200 to 6400 DPI.  The mouse driver allows setting an optimal custom value with 200 DPI steps.  Change resolutions on the fly and enjoy a pinpoint precision of the mouse movement.

This sensor belongs to a new generation and provides high precision surface tracking ability and flexible programmable resolutions.  Change resolutions on the fly and get a pinpoint precision of any move of the mouse.

The mouse driver allows you to set up macros and remap button commands for your game specifics or playable character.  Feel the comfort of customisation and enjoy high gaming efficiency. 

Onboard memory module allows you to transfer custom settings. backups and your entire player profile to other computers.

The mouse software was developed to give you unlimited opportunities for personal settings in any game of any genre.  Full customisation of the mouse allows you to create a player profile, assign macros, change button mapping, response rate, or DPI.

Optimised for gaming, this mouse has 66 ips maximum moving speed and 22.5 G acceleration.  Adjustable polling rate and 6000 fps scanning frequency ensure excellent reaction and responsiveness across the whole DPI range.


  • Sensor Sunplus 6651
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • Aim button
  • Adjustable dpi
  • Max dpi 6400
  • Ergonomic design
  • RGB backlight
  • USB cable 1.65 m with a ferrite ring
  • Polling rate: 123/250/500/1000 Hz
  • Lifespan of buttons: up to 10 million clicks
  • Scanning frequency: 6000 fps
  • Max Acceleration: 22.5 G
  • Max Moving speed: 66 ips
  • Additional software to setup the settings
  • Macros assignments
  • Onboard memory

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