Akitio MyCloud Pro 2 Bay 3.5 UPnP iTunes Samba FTP etc

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The personal cloud server provides safe and secure network storage plus the ability to easily share your digital content with family and friends. Our MyCloud software makes all of this so easy that almost anyone can do it.
The powerful Intel D525 Dual Core 1.8GHz processor makes the MyCloud Pro the fastest and most powerful personal cloud unit currently available from AKiTiO. This processor provides the amazing power necessary to perform multiple functions at incredible speeds!
Get your things done faster with the the MyCloud Pro. Not only does everything load faster but your backup is done that much sooner. On top of that, the powerful processor can also help you to transcode and convert all your video clips into a format that is more suitable for online streaming.
With the MyCloud, both your hardware and data are located in your own home. You have full control over it and always know exactly what's going on and who has access to it.
Backup all of your precious photos and videos as well as music and other files onto your MyCloud.
Allow your family and friends around the country or around the world to access your newest photos and videos. Keep family & friends up to date on all your exciting experiences.
The MyCloud Pro has space for two hard drives and the ability to use one of the drives to back up the content on the other. Making a separate copy of the files you back up ensures even greater safety for all of your precious memories.
Share the love and give your friends and family their very own account on your MyCloud. Easily share your media files with other members but keep your own files private.
With the click of a button you can backup your files onto your MyCloud device for safe keeping and share your files with social networking sites such as facebook and youtube all at the same time.
You decide how much you want to share and with whom. You can go very public and post your files directly onto social networking sites or just send invitations to your family and friends. You can also keep your MyCloud just for yourself.
Your whole family can save their files onto this central storage device therefore freeing up space on their individual computers.
Once files are saved onto the hard drive of your MyCloud, your entire family can login and see all of the pictures and videos in the shared folder. They can also listen to all of the shared songs by accessing the music through iTunes.
Everyone on your local network can access shared files from their Windows or Mac computers, tablets, or mobile devices. One device for your entire family to share and enjoy!
Sit back and relax, our MyCloud Pro lets you stream photos, music and videos right to your home television or other favourite UPnP/DLNA media players. You can use a third party device such as a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 to view your files right on your home television. You can also access your MyCloud files on your smart TV or DLNA compatible stereo system.
Store your video files onto the MyCloud Pro in any format such as Mpeg-2, Mpeg-4 or XviD. You can then set up the MyCloud Pro to make another copy of the videos in the format of your choice. The original videos in their original format will remain on your unit unless you decide to delete them.
The MyCloud pro can be set up to automatically transcode videos into the format of your choice. If you prefer to watch videos on your iPad then simply set up the MyCloud Pro to automatically transcode your video files to the H.264 or MP4 video format so they can be streamed to your iPad.
Need a file you left at home? Access all of your files on the MyCloud from any internet connected computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world.
With our free iOS and Android apps you can access your files on your favourite mobile devices. Easily access, share and stream your favourite photos, videos and music right to your phone or tablet.
Upload your latest vacation photos to share with your family members back home. Files will be saved to your MyCloud allowing you to delete them from your phone to free up additional space for more photos and videos.
We believe that it should be easy to access your files over the internet. Just log on to our web portal from your favourite browser, enter your device name, user name and password and that’s it! It’s so simple that almost anyone can do it.
Simply log on to the website atmyakitio.com to access your files. It doesn't matter if you are at home or not, the web portal automatically redirects you to your device back home.
There are no recurring fees. You pay just once to purchase the hardware and hard drive, as large or as small as you want. Remote access is included and free, so there are no hidden monthly costs or additional fees.Features• UPnP media server to stream your media files
• iTunes music server to broadcast your music
• Web based file browser to easily manage your files
• Free web portal for local as well as remote access
• Free mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices
• Your own personal cloud storage without monthly fees
• Comes with built-in Samba, AFP, NFS and FTP server
• Easy file sharing for family, friends and social network
• Automatic firmware update and remote assistance
• Transcoding for audio and video files

Requires 3.5" SATA Hard Drive to allow NAS functionality, Not supplied

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